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Vintage Crewnecks

Shop the best, most affordable vintage crewnecks & sweatshirts from brands like Nike, Champion, Ralph Lauren, Disney & more.

169 Items

169 Items


90s Butterflies Sweatshirt - Vintage Animal Sweatshirt - Kitschy

Vintage Champion Harvard Hoodie

S // 90s Nike Blue Zip Hoodie - Vintage

80s Glitter Leopards Sweatshirt - Vintage Animal Sweatshirt

90s Carhartt Dark Gray Zip Hoodie - Vintage Carhartt

90s Faded Blue Crewneck Sweatshirt - Vintage Sweatshirt


Vintage operation desert storm crewneck sweatshirt

90s Ocean City Sweatshirt - Vintage Sailboat Sweatshirt

90s "Trader Horn" Red Sweatshirt - Vintage Workwear

In-N-Out California Shirt

90s Bluebirds & Pink Roses Sweatshirt - Vintage Flower

90s "Interfoam Solutions" Vintage Sweatshirt - 90s Techwear


90s "White Stallion Ranch" Horse Sweatshirt - Vintage Animal


Vintage pink cat and mouse graphic crewneck

90s Faded Blue Sweatshirt - Vintage Sweatshirt - Women's

90s "Nantucket" Faded Blue Zip Hoodie - Vintage Sweatshirt

90s FILA Gray Sweatshirt - Vintage FILA Sweatshirt


Vintage teal grandma graphic crewneck

Vintage Grey Nike Hoodie

90s "London - Harrods" Sweatshirt - Vintage England Sweatshirt

90s Pittsburgh Steelers Hoodie - Vintage Steelers Sweatshirt

90s FILA Quarterzip Cropped Sweatshirt - Vintage FILA Crop

Vintage 90s Tultex Myrtle Beach crewneck sweatshirt

90s Notre Dame Cropped Sweatshirt - Vintage Notre Dame

90s Navy Columbia Zip-Collar Crop Top Sweatshirt - Vintage

90s USMC Marines Sweatshirt - Vintage Marines Clothing

Vintage Missouri Crewneck


Vintage White fisher graphic crewneck


Vintage White graphic crewneck

90s "Ocean City" Navy-Stripe Sweatshirt - Vintage Sweatshirt

90s Faded Wisconsin Badgers Sweatshirt - Vintage College Sweatshirt

90s Portugal Sweatshirt - Vintage Sweatshirt - Men's XL


Vintage blue grandma graphic crewneck


Vintage oversized embroidered logo black crewneck

Vintage Reebok Shorts

90s Faded Blue Heavy Sweatshirt - Vintage Sweatshirt


90s Solid Purple Sweatshirt - Vintage Sweatshirt - Women's

Vintage California National Park Sherpa Jacket

90s LL Bean "Wood Sorrel" Flower Sweatshirt - Vintage

Vintage In-N-Out Shirt

Vintage Nike Sweats


90s "Purple Moose Saloon" Sweatshirt - Vintage Sweatshirt


Super cute vintage green collared sweater with a clover


Vintage pink grandma graphic crewneck

90s Nike Faded Black Zip Sweatshirt - Vintage Nike

90s Russell Orange Sweatshirt - Vintage Russell - Oversize


Vintage red crewneck

Vintage Disneyland crewneck

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