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Stylist - How it Works

Earn cash by helping us curate the best items on Thryft!

Simply curate 'collections' of Thryft items, and we'll pay you whenever an item in your collection(s) is sold on Thryft!

To start curating collections, you need to first create a collection from the 'Stylist' page in the Thryft app.

Once you do that, all Thryft products will have a '+' icon on the bottom right (next to the like icon). To add a certain item to a collection, tap the '+' icon, and tap 'Add +' on the collection you'd like to add the item to.

Any Thryft item may be in up to 2 Thryft users' collections. You cannot add one item to more than one of your own collections.

You can add up to 100 Thryft items to any one collection. See below for special payout rules regarding items in multiple collection. **

Sometimes items can disappear from your collections without selling on Thryft: this is because many of our sellers also sell on other platforms, and sales made through other platforms don't count as 'sales' in terms of Thryft collections. Also, we (Thryft) as well as our sellers may choose to remove certain items from Thryft.

Here's what we'll pay you:

  • $5 commission on your first 'sale' ('sale' = item in your collection that sells on Thryft)
  • $1 commission on all future 'sales'
  • Cash bonuses TBD at 10 'sales', 20 'sales', etc.
  • ** Payout split: if an item is in 2 different users' collections & gets sold, the commission will be split between the two users with the item in their collection. This split rule applies to all of the rewards described above.
  • We will pay you via either PayPal or Venmo.
  • Thryft is a curated marketplace for secondhand clothing & accessories.