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Offers on Thryft act as a fluid form of negotiation between a customer and a store. We allow both parties to send, accept, reject and counter offers.

Offers on Thryft are, as of now, non-binding. This means that you, as the customer, are not required to pay for products in accepted offers, and we will not automatically charge you if your offer is accepted. However, please be mindful of our sellers’ time, and only make offers on products that you are actually willing to pay for. We will automatically add any products from accepted offers to your 'cart' whenever you open the Thryft app/website with the account from which you accepted/sent the offer(s). You are free to remove these products from your cart.

During the period between when an offer is accepted and when it is paid for, the product will still be available to other users. The seller can also modify the list price (not the accepted offer price) of the product as well as any other details.

After an offer is accepted, you, as the customer, have 3 days to pay for the item in the offer before the offer expires (and the item returns to its normal price).

You must register for a Thryft account to be able to send offers.

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