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How to Style the Patchwork Clothing Trend


Capri WheatonCapri Wheaton


patchwork clothing is a part of Y2K that began to rise as Y2K clothing started to get more into style. It is a really great versatile trend because patchwork can be incorporated into all outfits and styles. Many stories well pieces new, but to buy secondhand patchwork clothing, you will most likely have to buy it from someone who has upcycled pieces and handsewn the patchwork themselves.


As a part of the rise of Y2K clothing, patchwork clothing has inadvertently experienced a rise of popularity and is becoming a popular piece in everyone’s closets. Celebrities like Paris Hilton was once seen gracing the carpets in a pair of patchwork denim, very similar to the pieces worn today.

Acquiring Patchwork: Upcycling, Thrifting, Is it Sustainable???

Of course, other than buying patchwork clothing new, it is a fairly easy type of clothing to get, at great prices as well. Patchwork is very commonly made by small business because it is simply sewing together pieces of fabric, so many pieces you find on resale clothing apps are up-cycled and handmade from older pieces. This makes patchwork clothing very sustainable as well, as it is contributing to the circular economy of clothing. Thrifting may be tough to do because patchwork is not commonly found in thrift stores and because it is still trending and popular, not many people may be willing to part with their patchwork pieces.

How to Style

The beauty of patchwork is that it is simply a method of creating clothes, which therefore means that it can really be implemented in every piece of clothing. It is very commonly seen in shorts and jeans, but can easily be incorporated in tops, jackets, and tank tops.

1: A minimal look — Because patchwork clothing is a very flashy and eye-catching piece, for those who are more minimal in their dressing can easily pull this off by pairing one patchwork clothing piece with other pieces that are solid colors. For a even more minimal look, those pieces could be black or white.

2: A Y2K look — Many pairs of patchwork jeans tend to be large and flared, which is perfect for those trying to build a Y2K inspired outfit. Simply pair them with your favorite crop top or cami and treat them as if you were styling a pair of jeans. Patterned or not!

3: A coordinated look — I have seen many stores selling patchwork clothing in matching sets, whether that be a matching pair of jeans and jacket, or jeans and top. Going double patchwork is a super trendy look. Very go big or go home.


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