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The ultimate shopping guide to nail your soft girl aesthetic


Capri WheatonCapri Wheaton

Soft girl style is cute, feminine and fun. The soft girl aesthetic is characterized lighter-colored clothing, soft details such as ruffled sleeves, and soft prints like florals. The soft girl look is a massive trend right now on TikTok and Instagram. However, it can be hard to know what to lookout for when shopping to nail your soft girl style. We created this shopping guide to help you nail your soft girl style this season!

But first, here’s some soft girl inspiration!

Here are 5 things to look for when shopping in order to nail your soft girl style:

  1. Look for lighter-colored items
    • When shopping for soft girl items, the color is the most thing to lookout for. You might be wondering why the type of item is below color on this list. The reason why is simple- when you’re shopping and looking around a store, it’s easy to do a general scan of the store to get a sense of where the lighter-colored items are. Once you find a lighter-colored item or section of lighter-colored items, gravitate towards that section!
    • The soft girl style is characterized by lighter colors, which is intuitive because they look much softer to the eye. In this case, whites and pastels are ideal! If you opt for whites and pastels when shopping, you’re more likely to find items that match the soft girl aesthetic you’re looking for.
  2. Look for soft skirts & dresses
    • After you find a section of lighter-colored or pastel items, next focus on what type of item you’re looking for. In the case of the soft girl aesthetic, you’ll mainly want to look for soft-looking skirts and dresses. We’ll go into this in more detail but some hallmarks of soft skirts and dresses are things like ruffles and floral patterns.
  3. Look for ruffles & ruffled sleeves
    • An easy way to tell if an item fits the soft girl look is if it has ruffled sleeves, or any type of ruffles for that matter. Ruffles automatically make any clothing item look softer, especially if the item is in a lighter or pastel color.
  4. Look for floral and polka dot prints
    • Once you have found a dress or skirt that you like, pay attention to the pattern to see whether it fits the soft girl look that you’re going for. Some good patterns to keep an eye out for are polka dots and florals. However, both of these prints can go horribly wrong and make you end up looking like the opposite of soft girl chic.
    • When looking for a polka dot print, make sure the print is in a pastel color, such as pastel lilac (light purple purple) and white. When trying to dress for the soft girl aesthetic, a black and white polka dot print is often way too harsh. A small, subtle pastel polka dot print can keep you looking soft, cute, and in-line with the soft girl aesthetic.
    • When looking for florals, you also have to watch out because not all floral prints are “soft.” When looking for a soft girl floral print, make sure the colors are very light, subtle, and maybe even pastel. If you go for a striking floral in a bold or dark color, that item won’t end up matching with the other soft girl items in your wardrobe so remember to stick to light colors, especially when it comes to floral prints!
  5. Look for soft necklines
    • Now we need to talk about tops because once you’ve found the floral, pastel soft girl skirt of your dreams, you’ll need the perfect soft girl top to match! Any variation of the sweetheart neckline is perfect for a soft girl look! However, any kind of neckline will do as long as it looks soft. If the neckline has ruffles, a bow, or something similar on it, it’s bound to look great with the other soft girl pieces in your wardrobe. When in doubt, opt for a sweetheart neckline as it’s always a classic!

Now that you know how to shop in order to fit your soft girl style, here are some of our favorite soft girl items from Thryft!

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