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How to master your cottage core style


Capri WheatonCapri Wheaton

As we’ve probably all seen on TikTok, the cottage core aesthetic is a massive trend. And rightly so! Cottage core style is girly, playful, whimsical. Dressing in the cottage core aesthetic transports you to a different time and place. Want to feel like you’ve just finished fetching a pale of water and are running through your garden to go read laying in the grass surrounded by wild flowers? We’ve got your back. Here’s how to master your cottage core style in order to feel whimsical but still look chic.

But first, here’s some inspiration of cottage core chic:

Now that you’ve seen how incredibly chic the cottage core aesthetic can be, here are 5 tips for rocking the cottage core style while staying stylish:

  1. Flowy is always better
    • In order to style the soft cottage core aesthetic, opt for flowy skirts and dresses. You have to be able to run freely through the garden, duh.
  2. Add a corset
    • To give more shape to your flowy cottage core dress or top, style it with a corset on top. This will give you a more defined waist and keep your look feminine without making you look frumpy.
  3. Find a great cardigan
    • Find a vintage, grandma core cardigan to style on top of a flowy dress or to pair with a long flowy skirt. While grandma core cardigans are typically paired with jeans for a more modern look, they can also we worn over skirts and dresses to add some dimension to your look.
  4. Lace lace lace!
    • When styling a soft cottage core look, lace is always a great option! Lace is perfect for nailing this aesthetic because it is soft and delicate. When in doubt, add lace to your cottage core look!
  5. Opt for longer lengths
    • The cottage core look is all about whimsical dressing, so typically longer skirts and dresses are best for nailing this style. There’s just something so soft and whimsical about a long, flowy dress that is perfectly captured by the soft cottage core aesthetic.Want to dive into the cottage core aesthetic but not sure where to start? We’ve got you. Here are our favorite cottage core items on Thryft!

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