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How to style the grandma core trend without looking like a grandma


Capri WheatonCapri Wheaton

I’m sure you’re wondering, what the heck is grandma core? Grandma Core is a current trend that involves wearing very vintage-y pieces like vintage cardigans, vintage graphic crewnecks, and vintage patterned sweaters. Basically, if it’s something your grandma or great grandma would have worn, it can now be considered part of the “grandma core” trend. The thing is – since these items are so vintage, and often not very flattering on their own, it’s difficult to style grandma core items without actually looking like a grandma or without losing your style completely. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Here’s some grandma core inspiration!

Here are 5 tips for styling the grandma core trend without looking like a grandma!

  1. Style with a great pair of denim jeans
    • You can always pair a grandma core sweater or cardigan with a great pair of denim jeans to make it look chic. If you’re going for a more all-around vintage look, a pair of 80s-esque high-waisted mom jeans are a great option. If you want to go for a more modern look or channel your inner French fashion blogger, pair your grandma core sweater with a more fitted pair of high-waisted jeans. Regardless of what look you’re going for, if you pair your grandma core top with a pair of flattering, well-fitted jeans, you’re bound to look effortlessly trendy.
  2. Pair with a white tennis skirt
    • Wearing tennis skirts happens to be one of the hottest trends right now. And it just so happens that a white tennis skirt pairs perfectly with a grandma core vintage crewneck! The clean lines of a white tennis skirt are a perfect match for a throwback crewneck because it adds a trendy, modern flair. If you style your grandma core vintage crewneck with a white tennis skirt, there’s no way you’ll look like a grandma.
  3. Focus on your jewelry game
    • In order to create a balanced look, add some modern, gold jewelry into the mix. A grandma core crewneck or vintage cardigan pairs incredibly well with gold jewelry because it makes the whole look more modern. When trying to avoid looking like a grandma with this trend, your jewelry game is essential! Oftentimes, one gold necklace can elevate your look and take you from grandma to grandma core chic in no time.
  4. Your shoe game is essential
    • When styling a grandma core item, be diligent about choosing the right shoes to complete the look. If you paired a vintage crewneck with a white tennis skirt, a pair of chunky black boots is a great option to make sure your look stays trendy and not grandma-y. A great pair of white sneakers is a solid option when paired with a great pair of jeans and a cute grandma core cardigan.
  5. Style it with a vintage mini bag
    • Most tips so far have been about styling more modern elements with your grandma core cardigan or crewneck to make sure your look stays modern and trendy. However, when it comes to your bag game, mini and vintage is better! Even though mini bags are either vintage or mimicking a very vintage style, they are a huge trend right now. This means that when you pair your grandma core look with a vintage mini bag, you still look trendy and chic! There’s something that looks effortlessly cool about mini bags so they are the perfect addition to your trendy, grandma core look!

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