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Fast Fashion Is Out


“The very nature of fashion’s raison d’être — new styles, looks and lines every season — is diametrically opposed to sustainability,” says Max Lenderman, CEO of School. Fashion conditions us to follow trends and frequently reinvent our style — to discard the old and buy-in to the latest hype. The fast fashion industry’s so-called “democratization […]

Evalina XuEvalina Xu

Dark Academia Starter Pack


What is dark academia exactly? That would be a subculture with a heavy emphasis on the “scholarly” and deeply infused with Gothic elements — think an extra in a Harry Potter movie, GenZers in Ivy style and drab color palettes, and Neil Perry from “Dead Poets Society.” Among tweed blazers, brooding poetry, Lana Del Rey’s […]

Evalina XuEvalina Xu

How to Style the Patchwork Clothing Trend


Basically…. patchwork clothing is a part of Y2K that began to rise as Y2K clothing started to get more into style. It is a really great versatile trend because patchwork can be incorporated into all outfits and styles. Many stories well pieces new, but to buy secondhand patchwork clothing, you will most likely have to […]

Capri WheatonCapri Wheaton

5 Things You Do Not Know About Online Thrifting


1. Thrift stores began as pushcarts in urban areas Secondhand clothing were mostly sold by Jewish immigrants, whose professional options were often constrained by anti-Semitism. Since Goodwill was founded in 1902, and after “thrift shop” was first coined in 1919, as well as the advent of the World Wide Web that facilitated the emergence of […]

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The ultimate shopping guide to nail your soft girl aesthetic


Soft girl style is cute, feminine and fun. The soft girl aesthetic is characterized lighter-colored clothing, soft details such as ruffled sleeves, and soft prints like florals. The soft girl look is a massive trend right now on TikTok and Instagram. However, it can be hard to know what to lookout for when shopping to […]

Capri WheatonCapri Wheaton

How to master your cottage core style


As we’ve probably all seen on TikTok, the cottage core aesthetic is a massive trend. And rightly so! Cottage core style is girly, playful, whimsical. Dressing in the cottage core aesthetic transports you to a different time and place. Want to feel like you’ve just finished fetching a pale of water and are running through […]

Capri WheatonCapri Wheaton

How to style the grandma core trend without looking like a grandma


I’m sure you’re wondering, what the heck is grandma core? Grandma Core is a current trend that involves wearing very vintage-y pieces like vintage cardigans, vintage graphic crewnecks, and vintage patterned sweaters. Basically, if it’s something your grandma or great grandma would have worn, it can now be considered part of the “grandma core” trend. […]

Capri WheatonCapri Wheaton

9 Killer Thrifting Tips


1. Have Some Stores You Love Explore and save your favorites. Beware of scams, as many stores are not vetted. Check out We Went And Rated The Top 10 Online Thrift Stores For 2021 for our personal faves. 2. Follow Stylish Sellers Follow sellers with wardrobes similar to your own style to get a curated […]

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Nail your summer style with these 2000s outfits as inspiration


2000s outfits are massively trending, and for a reason! These looks are effortless, cool, and just downright fun. We’ve seen style icons from Bella Hadid to Tiktok influencers taking hints from these iconic 2000s outfits and making them modern and fresh. As we come into the summer season, here’s how to nail your summer style […]

Capri WheatonCapri Wheaton

We Went and Rated the Top 10 Online Thrift Stores for 2021


Contributors: Kaitlin Dang We, like many of you, are addicted to online shopping. Nothing makes our day better than getting a package of cute clothes delivered to our doors. It’s even better when shopping comes with perks. That’s where thrifting comes in. Shopping for pre-loved clothes is not only good for your wallet, but also for the […]

Evalina XuEvalina Xu

4 Spring 2021 Trends You Can Wear Right Now


Contributors: Kaitlin Dang, Lali Martinez 1. Pastels Pastels will be the go-to color palette for spring. And it’s not just the runways displaying the shift in colors: top influencers and street fashion sport cheery, sorbet-like hues, too. Often associated with spring because of their association with Easter, pastels also have a strong connection with cultural […]

Evalina XuEvalina Xu

9 Defining Themes in Fashion for 2021


Most industries were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and fashion was no exception. The fashion industry, due to its discretionary nature, is especially vulnerable, as physical storefronts have experienced declining activity and overall economic growth has plummeted. However, amid the pandemic and even pre-pandemic, certain themes have emerged that are reshaping the industry’s future […]

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