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About Us

Thryft is a curated marketplace for secondhand clothing & sustainable jewelry.

As avid thrifters ourselves, we've experienced firsthand the dropshippers, scammers, and high mark-ups on existing secondhand marketplaces. Unlike these platforms, we vet every store & item on Thryft, bringing you only the highest-quality, best-priced secondhand pieces.

Our mission is to reinvent the way we buy, sell and think about second-hand clothing by making secondhand shopping more safe, inclusive, fun & affordable. We built Thryft on 3 core values:


As shopping secondhand has grown in popularity, other marketplaces have become saturated with dropshippers and resellers placing ridiculous mark-ups.

We only allow verified, vetted sellers to sell on Thryft. No dropshippers, no scammers, no BS. Our goal is to build a safer, more trustworthy community while bringing you the very best sustainable items.



Over 26,000,000,000 pounds of clothing end up in the landfill every year, 95% of which can be reused or recycled.

Secondhand is by far the most sustainable way to shop. By carefully vetting our sellers & items, we can guarantee that you're getting a truly sustainable item.

See our commitment to social responsibility for more.



Thrifting should be affordable. Period.

In other marketplaces, items have become more expensive over time as dropshippers and other inexperienced resellers have taken over.

With only our verified partner stores setting the prices, we can ensure that you’ll get the best prices possible.


Our Team

Thryft is founded and led by a team of former UC Berkeley students who are all avid thrifters passionate about technology and sustainable fashion.

Capri Wheaton

Capri Wheaton - CEO

Sam Yang

Sam Yang - CTO


Thryft is a curated marketplace for secondhand clothing & sustainable jewelry.