About Us

Thryft is an online marketplace for secondhand clothing & accessories from thrift & consignment stores across the United States.

Our mission is to reinvent the way we buy, sell, and think about secondhand clothing, while bringing brick and mortar to the forefront of the thrifting movement.

We built Thryft on 3 core values:


Although shopping secondhand is rapidly growing in popularity, brick & mortar thrift, consignment & vintage stores are getting left behind as consumers flock towards e-commerce stores.

Since COVID-19 struck, over 30% of brick & mortar secondhand stores in the U.S have been forced to close their doors.

These stores are essential members of our local communities, and we want to help them by providing them access to the digital market.



Over 26,000,000,000 pounds of clothing end up in the landfill every year, 95% of which can be reused or recycled.

The fashion industry (especially fast fashion!) contributes up to 10% of global carbon emissions.

Secondhand is by far the most sustainable way to shop, and we want to lead the thrifting movement.



Thrifting should be affordable. Period.

On other secondhand marketplaces, individual sellers control the prices -- often at the expense of the consumer.

By allowing our partner stores to control the prices on Thryft, we can guarantee the best prices for you -- up to 75% off retail.


Our Team

Thryft is founded and led by a team of UC Berkeley students who are all avid thrifters passionate about technology and sustainable fashion.

Capri Wheaton

Capri Wheaton - CEO

Sam Yang

Sam Yang - CTO

Thryft is a marketplace for the best new & second hand items from thrift, consignment & vintage stores across the US.

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